Body Contouring

In a perfect world, we would all feel completely comfortable with our bodies. All of our various parts would complement each other and function harmoniously, and no one would ever feel self-conscious or embarrassed about his or her appearance. But ours, of course, is not a perfect world, and most of us have parts of our bodies that are nagging sources of dissatisfaction. Thankfully, aesthetic surgery offers a wide range of possible solutions.

Modern technology has made it more possible than ever to target specific problem areas of the body, allowing them to be treated with minimal pain, scarring, and investment of time for the patient. Indeed, recent advances have made it possible to perform many procedures without incision, minimizing recovery time while optimizing results.

Dr. Pyo has carefully chosen the phrase “body contouring” to describe the procedures listed on this page. Precision, detail, and refinement are Dr. Pyo’s trademarks, as hundreds of patients have discovered for themselves. His delicate touch and commitment to balance, safety, and detail have resulted in a history of satisfied, grateful patients.

The following are some of the procedures we offer as part of our body contouring program. We invite you to read these and then to contact our office to schedule a confidential consultation with Dr. Pyo.

Liposuction performed by Dr. Daniel Pyo slims and reshapes areas of the body by removing excess fat deposits, improving body contours and proportions. It can be done on the thighs, hips, buttocks, abdomen, waist, upper arms, back, inner knee, chest area, cheeks, chin, neck, calves, and ankles. This procedure eliminates fat this is resistant to diet and exercise. It is one of the safest and most popular cosmetic procedures. You may want to consider liposuction if you have localized areas of fat that are disproportionate, if you would like more definition in a certain area, and if your skin elasticity is good.

Smartlipo Laser Liposuction

Fat deposits can be stubborn and persistent. They can endure even the healthiest diets and most stringent exercise routines, causing many people to feel frustrated and helpless. Thankfully, the revolutionary Smartlipo laser liposuction system has made it possible to target these fat deposits without the need for major invasive surgery. Smartlipo Laser Liposuction is performed safely and effectively under local anesthesia in Dr. Pyo’s fully accredited and state of the art Operating suite.

Dr. Pyo removes the dissolved fat through a tiny, self-healing incision. Smartlipo is a gentler, more effective alternative to traditional liposuction, resulting in far less pain and bruising. The once problematic area will be smooth and show few if any signs that fat was removed.

It is Dr. Pyo’s opinion that the results of Smartlipo are better than traditional Liposuction techniques because of the homogenous melting of the fatty layer. Rather than tunnels being created by traditional Liposuction cannulas, the Smartlipo system melts the layer of fat in a more uniform fashion, resulting in a smoother result. Because of Dr. Pyo’s experience and successful outcomes, the Plastic Surgery Center of New Jersey has been designated a Cynosure Teaching facility.

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Abdominoplasty (“Tummy Tuck”)
Do you have excess skin and fat in the abdomen that you can’t get rid of despite diet and exercise? Do you have laxity of the abdomen due to pregnancies? Are you unhappy with the contour of your abdomen. If you are in this situation, an abdominoplasty may be the right procedure for you.

Generally referred to as a “tummy tuck,” abdominoplasty removes excess fat and skin from the abdomen. The procedure also helps to flatten the abdomen by tightening the underlying muscles. It is essentially a two-layer corset tightening of the abdominal wall. It can be particularly beneficial to women who have stretched abdominal areas due to previous pregnancies, though they should have completed their childbearing before considering the procedure.

Older individuals whose skin has lost some of its elasticity and are overweight can also benefit.
 If you are in generally good physical condition but are concerned about abdominal fat deposits and loose skin that do not respond to diet and exercise, abdominoplasty can potentially reduce or even eliminate a protruding abdomen. As a result, you will look slimmer, fitter, and altogether healthier.

The final goals are tight skin, a flat abdomen with improved muscle tone, an improved appearance of the belly-button, absence or decrease in the stretch marks and an improvement in the lower abdomen and mons area.

Mommy Makeover

Post Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery
Body Lift
Thigh Lift
Arm Lift (Brachioplasty)
Breast Lift (Mastopexy)
Face and Neck Lift

The benefits of weight loss after surgery are well known, but what is not spoken about much are the changes to the skin and soft tissues. When you have rapid weight loss in a situation where the skin and soft tissues have been stretched for a prolonged period of time, there is massive deflation with subsequent sagging of the skin and soft tissues in all areas of the body. All the procedures listed above tighten or remove excess skin and tissues in the specified areas of the body. Then can be performed individually or in combinations. The results after massive weight loss body contouring are dramatic, and only enhance the improvements obtained with the weight loss.

Not every person is a candidate for every kind of lift. Before undergoing a lift, you will be thoroughly evaluated by Dr. Pyo. He will honestly and openly educate you about your options and help you to establish reasonable expectations and goals. All consultations will be completely private and confidential, and your case will be treated with the sensitivity and tact for which Dr. Pyo is known.

Body Lift

A body lift is an extensive procedure designed for the individual who has lost a great deal of weight, and has a significant amount of excess skin in the lower portions of the body. It is usually required in patients who have undergone some sort of weight reduction surgery, such as a gastric bypass or a sleeve. This procedure improves the appearance of the thighs, buttock region and and lower abdomen in a circumferential manner. The waist line is recreated, and the lower back rolls are also addressed.

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Thigh Lifts

The thigh lift can be used effectively as a post-bariatric procedure, helping to return form and shape to the thighs after a sharp decrease in weight. Dramatic weight loss is often accompanied by areas of loose skin and isolated pockets of fatty tissue that don’t respond to diet or exercise. The thigh lift provides an effective solution to this problem area, bringing your appearance into alignment with your healthy new lifestyle. Many candidates will look in the mirror and pull on their thighs upward. The improvement that they see is a preview of what a thigh lift can accomplish. The scars are placed in the groin crease, and do require quite a bit of care.

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Arm Reduction

Also known as brachioplasty, an arm lift is a surgical procedure that reduces excess sagging skin that droops downward, tightens and smoothes the underlying tissue that defines the shape of the upper arm, and reduced localized pockets of fat. This can be caused by weight fluctuations, age, and heredity, which are better corrected with this procedure than exercise.

The best candidates for an arm lift will exhibit excess skin and tissue on their upper arms with a limited amount of fat. The primary goal of an arm lift is to eradicate excess skin, so fat reduction efforts should precede surgery when necessary. Liposuction can be used to remove a limited amount of fatty tissue.
One major concern about arm lift surgery is the scars that result, which remain visible on the back or underside of the arm. When surgery is truly beneficial, the advantages of having slimmer arms outweigh disadvantages of visible scars. After healing is complete, the upper arms exhibit a sleeker, more toned appearance.

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