It’s Never Too Late, Or Too Early to Improve your Health & Nutrition

HEALTHY Eating Weight Life has built a solid reputation as a leading physician supervised weight loss center utilizing weight loss medications, dietary supplements, nutritional supplements and hormonal therapies. Our goal is to improve your life or the life of a family member by uncovering hidden allergies and sensitivities.

Meet Dr. Nusbaum

Dr. Michael Nusbaum started the Metabolic Medicine and Weight Control Center for Atlantic Health and has been treating weight loss patients since 1998.  He co-authored the definitive textbook in his field, Metabolic Medicine and Surgery in 2014.  After extensive research, he discovered the key to selecting the right diet for the right patient.

He has now taken those twenty years of research and applied his knowledge to this program.  His program combines supplements, a food elimination diet, weight loss medications and hormonal therapies to help his clients lose the weight and keep it off.  Dr. Nusbaum has helped thousands of patients in his over twenty years in practice and he can help you too.

A Commitment to Personal Wellness

Our staff makes a point of keeping up with the latest research in food elimation diet programs. Our goal is to improve you life through customized nutrition plans.  We also test for Vitamin, Nutrient and Micronutrient deficiencies, and provide the appropriate supplements to correct those deficiencies

Are you struggling to lose weight? Have fad Diets let you down?  At Healthy Weight Loss Centers, your Physician Supervised Weight Loss program will be tailored to your body specifically. Get Tested and Treated Today! Call now and receive a FREE 3D Body Composition Scan! Call 973-769-4092