Breast Reduction

Breast reduction surgery is not strictly a cosmetic procedure, but many women find that with a reduction performed to relieve breast symptoms, their appearance is also improved. Breast reduction surgery is most often performed to relieve symptoms of neck, upper back, and shoulder discomfort in women who’s breasts are large in proportion to their size.

Breast reduction also often makes clothing choices easier in women who find it difficult to fit dresses and swimwear when their chest size is larger than the waist or hip size that manufacturers usually choose. Summer rashes may be improved with a lift or reduction. Depending on the symptoms and the surgery planned, reduction surgery may be covered by your insurance.

The surgery itself can be an outpatient or overnight stay, and is generally safe for otherwise healthy women. There are some drawbacks such as possible changes in sensation of the nipple, possible inability to breastfeed, possible changes in mammogram (although breast cancer risk is neither increased or decreased by the procedure) and complications of healing are increased in cigarette smokers. One of our experienced staff would be happy to answer more specific questions.